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Ducted & Split System Air Conditioning

Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie and Newcastle’s Leaders in Split System and Ducted Air Conditioning

We know each house and each business is different, so Steel City offers a choice of air con systems. We will conduct a thorough examination of your building and design the ideal system for you. Whether you require a ducted or split system depends on a number of factors, including available space, budget, building size, and aesthetic considerations.

The benefits of choosing a split system air conditioning unit

In a smaller home or building, a split system may be the one for you. A split system cools a small area. They are great when only one or two rooms need to be cooled in a home or business. This style offers easy installation, simple set-up and operation, as well as low running costs.

Choose a ducted air conditioning system for a total home solution

This is the ideal system for a discreet air con solution, as all that can be seen are one or two ceiling vents per room, and a centrally located control panel. This style of air conditioning is ideal for larger homes, allowing for perfect heating or cooling of different areas throughout the entire home, or multiple rooms of your choosing through the use of zoning. A ducted  system can offer tighter climate control, enabling you to maintain a constant temperature throughout your home or building.

Commercial and residential expertise in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and beyond

Both ducted and split systems are available for our domestic and commercial customers. Our technicians will visit your premises to discuss your requirements with you and inspect the building. We then provide a free, no-obligation quote after which we can negotiate a start date for work.

For the very best ducted and split systems in Lake Macquarie and Newcastle, contact Steel City. We offer an above industry-standard five-year warranty on our installation work and are dedicated to customer satisfaction. Reach us online or call us on 0407457889.